About Us

ParkWest Property Management Corp.,  is a family owned company based in Utica New York.

Park West Property Management Corp., was founded in 2006 with the goal of helping real estate investors with small to mid-size property holdings manage their properties so they could focus on what they do best . . . find and buy more real estate.

After actively investing in small rental properties in Central New York and self managing those properties long distance from NYC for several years we realized that while we enjoyed working with our properties, managing them was becoming a full time job in and of itself and we had less and less time to focus on locating and buying new property.  So we started searching for a property management company in the Mohawk Valley area that could manage our properties for us.

Our search proved to be in vain as the quality management companies only worked with large investment properties or managed their own properties exclusively.  Then the city of Utica added to our dilemma by requiring all rental property owners to have a local contact person.

In working to find a solution to our problem we tried working with realtors, tenants and even some independent contractors and handymen.  None of those options provided satisfactory results.  Then at a local landlord meeting we realized we were not alone, other investors from NYC,  Boston, New Jersey, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles and other cities and towns all over the country were facing the same issues we were – finding good quality local property management services for small rental properties at a reasonable cost.

And so our company was born . . . we enjoyed managing our own property and decided to relocate to Utica and do it full-time, while continuing to invest on the side, and to offer our services to other property owners and investors as well.  ParkWest Property Management Corp., was the answer to our property management problems as well as for many other investors.  Give us a call at (315) 292-7696  and let’s talk about how we can help you with your property management needs.